March 2014

5049 Records Podcast

Since we have yet to start our own podcast, we strongly recommend you check out the 5049 Records Podcast. The 5049 Records Podcast is a weekly interview show hosted by Jeremiah Cymerman, broadcast from the Lower East Side of New York City to the Web every Monday morning. Each week Jeremiah sits down with a musician to talk music, life, art, philosophy and shit...lots of shit.

Mr. Bungle's only music video was banned from MTV...

...and it is truly a spectacle to behold! Mr. Bungle's first and only music video was for 'Quote Unquote', the opening track from their 1991 self-titled debut album, produced by John Zorn.  The song was originally titled 'Travolta', but it was changed to avoid legal retribution. The new title, 'Quote Unquote', is the title of Bob McCabe's unauthorized biography of John Travolta. The song is disturbed on its own, but the video takes it to a whole new level:

Destrage - Are You Kidding Me? No.

I don’t recall the last time I heard an album with as many jaw-dropping moments of what-the-fuckery as there are in the first song of Destrage’s new album Are You Kidding Me? No. The song in question is called “Destroy Create Transform Sublimate” (a nod to Meshuggah’s Destroy. Erase. Improve. perhaps?), and it goes from melodically-proggy Protest the Hero territory to clean channel jazz shred to what I can only describe as a prog breakdown, and then the dubstep comes in.

Gridlink: art-grind?

I don't know if a grind band can really be considered prog/art metal, but if there's one band worthy of such consideration it's Gridlink. Featuring vocalist Jon Chang of the greatly missed New Jersey avant-grindsters Discordance Axis and Japanese tech-grind guitarist extrordinare Takafumi Matsubara, Gridlink's third and final album Longhena was recently released by Handshake Inc. It's a technical/avant-garde grind masterpiece that I predict people still be talking about in 15 years. Yeah, it's that good and has the potential to be that influential. 

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez makes good movies

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

The Sentimental Engine Slayer is the third film by guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In, Bosnian Rainbows), but it is only the first to receive a public release. It was completed in 2007, but wasn't released until 2010. Omar wrote, directed, produced, scored, and played the lead character in this film to great effect - the visuals are gorgeous, the plot is thought-provoking, the humor is very funny, and the acting is solid.

Highpriest - Shift

There was an editorial on MetalSucks a couple of years ago that made the argument that metal vocalists were becoming irrelevant. I had just seen Russian Circles live for the first time a few days before, so I found myself readily agreeing with a lot of the points being made in the piece.

Meshuggah - Koloss (2012)

Meshuggah's latest album, Koloss, is another step sideways by a band with a history of pushing forwards. After a string of innovative albums, the band peaked in 2005 with Catch Thirtythr33, a single song which displayed a near-classical mastery of large scale structure in addition to seeing the band at their most texturally and harmonically experimental.

Meet Pryapisme

And you thought Sesame Street was giving kids ADD... just wait until you see the entire internet summarized in 6 minutes in what is hopefully the most spastic video ever made.

The Unsemble

The Unsemble is a collaboration between Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard/Tomahawk) on guitar and keyboards, Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubaten) on bass and electronics, and Brian Kotzur (Silver Jews) on drums and keyboards.