Darin's Favorite Albums of 2014 (Part 2 of 3)

This is part two of the three part series on my favorite full-length albums of 2014. Be sure to check out my favorite EPs of 2014 and part one of the series.

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

On Rave Tapes, the Scottish post-rock band invigorated their well-established sound with more synthesizers than ever before.  

Musk Ox - Woodfall

After hearing that the acoustic interludes on Agalloch's The Serpent & The Sphere were actually written and performed by the guy behind Musk Ox, I immediately sought out their music. Read my review about the discovery of two bands with that name.

Opeth - Pale Communion

As a fan of their journey away from their metal roots, Pale Communion is another step for Opeth becoming a new style classic rock band. With the Crosby, Stills & Nash inspired harmonies of River (listen below) and the unabashed use of a string section on the final two tracks, Opeth's music continues to grow after all these years.

Pink Floyd - The Endless River

The Endless River is a tribute to Richard Wright and a good way to round out their legacy. Read my track by track review and watch the video below to learn more about the album.

Psalm Zero - The Drain

With gothic textures, melodic vocals, dissonant riffs, and a drum machine in place of a drummer, Psalm Zero are much more than just another metal band. Read my review of The Drain here.

Scott Walker & Sunn O))) - Soused

Soused is essentially a new Scott Walker record with Sunn O))) used as a new texture in his caravan of sounds (including a bull whip). More disturbingly dark stuff from a modern master! Check out our review here.

Shellac - Dude Incredible

While I wouldn't refer to Shellac as an arty band, they've created a sound that is uniquely their own and Dude Incredible exemplifies that. Shellac continues to be smart, snarky, agitated, and rocking.