George's Top 14 Albums of 2013 (non-metal version)

  • Barn Owl - 'V' (ambient/experimental)
  • Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit (krautrock/electronic)
  • Cave - 'Threace' (krautrock)
  • David Lynch - 'The Big Dream' (art rock)
  • Grails - 'Black Tar Prophecies vol. 4-6' (art rock)
  • Grumbling Fur - 'Glynnaestra' (art rock)
  • John Zorn - 'Dreamachines' (jazz)
  • Jon Hopkins - 'Immunity' (electronic music)
  • Kayo Dot - 'Hubardo' (art rock)
  • Matt Elliott - 'Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart' (singer/songwriter/classical guitar)
  • My Bloody Valentine - 'MBV' (noise pop)
  • Miriodor - 'Cobra Fakir' (art rock)
  • Noveller - 'No Dreams' (ambient/avant classical)
  • Sax Ruins - 'Blimmguass' (jazz/experimental)

Top 5 if I had to pick now or be disintegrated by a death ray:

  1. Cave - 'Threace' so succinct, so funky, yet so krautrock; so live too, they are awesome live
  2. Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit - 'Secret Rhythms 5' Can's drummer teams up with an electronic music artist and the result is essential listening for percussion lovers
  3. My Bloody Valentine - 'mbv' one of my favorite bands of all time finally put out that album that never was released, bringing never to 2013 with audio ecstasy
  4. Noveller - 'No Dreams' this one is a hunch, that I'll like it eventually even more than Barn Owl's 'V'; both are stunningly great ambient releases, a yin to each other's yang
  5. Sax Ruins - 'Blimmguass' this album floored me upon first listen, the astonishing dexterity displayed here is second to none, and I see this being on my phone's music player for months to come

​Will be determining my heavy metal best of soon... stay tuned!