Lund Quartet

For my first article and review I chose to write about a band called Lund Quartet. This is a four piece instrumental jazz/electronica band from Bristol.

The Lund Quartet's music has a very unique mixture of influences and instrumentation. The use of a theramin and turntablist adds depth and texture to the band's jazzy sound. The turntable is used as another contributing instrument rather than something that the band builds around, which is a good change of pace. The music can very delicate but at the same can develop some deep grooves. The band members have a very great connection with each other, as you will see in the videos below. Their unique and distinct sound leaves me smiling and wanting more.

This album captivated me from the very first notes. Their ability to build upon delicacy and then evolve into really catchy grooves is the hook for me. My favorite track on the album is "Love's Madness." As the only track with vocals, it really catches your attention with a great smooth and jazzy feel.

Th Lund Quartet's self-titled album came out in September of last year and is available through their Bandcamp website on CD, vinyl, and MP3. As easily one of my favorite albums of 2013, I could listen to every day. Hopefully a new album will surface by the end of this year but I've yet to hear anything on the matter. The first video below is a live performance/bio of the band. The second video is a non-album track called Lipa, so be sure to check it out as well!


Club Jazzafip du 6 mars 2014: Lund Quartet by Fipradio