Words of Farewell - The Black WIld Yonder

I don't remember the last time I reviewed a melodic death metal album, it was probably years ago. Once or twice a year I casually pick-up a melodic death album just to make sure that it's still not for me. I rarely even get to finish the album, let alone enjoy it. These Germans, Words of Farewell, have finally slapped me back into a world where there's no hopeless genres, and bands always spring to life here and there to give the big guys a run for their money. I'm not entirely sure why I'm immensly enjoying The Black Wild Yonder right now, I shouldn't, but I am and I guess there's nothing to do about it.  

First I should mention how full of life this album is, there's simply not a single wasted moment and it seems like there's always something in the background keeping the music rich with detail. Showing their appreciation for atmospherics, memorable keyboard melodies are the back-bone for these excellently crafted and performed songs. While most melodic death metal bands don't have the ferocity and unrestrained madness of the old-school kind, I don't understand why some bands don't seem to be at peace with that fact and usually end-up writing half-assed albums that try to sound catchy and very angry at the same time. It's like pushing the gas and brake pedals simultaneously and expecting the car to decide. The unusual album cover and Word of Farewell's sincere way of songwriting really works out well in the end. Like listening to great power metal, The Black Wild Yonder constantly flows forward riff after great riff and it just doesn't get boring. But you still have the sharp-edged death metal that sounds better than power metal of any kind.

The Black Wild Yonder is very enjoyable because it strikes the right balance between what gives death metal its name and what makes metal in general, relatively accessible to a broader audience. From start to finish, it's headbanging and foot tapping friendly, but the dignity and grace that most metal fans want in their music are not over-looked in any way. This is simply how it's done people. 

Listen to a preview of the album below.