Failure release new song 'Come Crashing'


Failure have released their first new song in nearly two decades, which can be heard in the embedded player below and at The song, entitled 'Come Crashing', feels like a perfect marriage of Greg Edwards' post-Failure project Autolux and Ken Andrews' solo work (and earlier solo outfit ON). This song is no relic of the '90s - it feels very modern, and is much more pop-influenced than the band's earlier work. This may be unsurprising, as each of their '90s albums was poppier than the last, and Andrews is now a highly successful pop producer, but it's almost hard to believe that this is the same band that created the dissonant rock of 'Comfort' and 'Magnified'. The band members are clearly bringing all of their post-Failure experience to the table rather than trying to pick up where they left off, which means this reunion will much more than just a nostalgia trip.

'Come Crashing' will appear on their upcoming tour exclusive live EP 'Tree of Stars', which will feature the following tracklist:

01. Let It Drop (Live in Phoenix, AZ)
02. Frogs (Live in Houston, TX)
03. Sergeant Politeness (Live in Houston, TX)
04. Heliotropic (Live in Phoenix, AZ)
05. Come Crashing (First studio track since Fantastic Planet)