King Crimson releases snippet of new music

King Crimson has posted a snippet of a seemingly new song, 'Venturing Unto Joy, Pt. 1'. This is the first recording of the new KC lineup, even though it only features four of the seven members of the band.

The description from KC label DGM's website reads as follows:

"Well, here we are. A bit of King Crimson 2014. One should always be wary of coming to judgement about anything based upon a clip that lasts less than a minute and a half but, but, but... Taken from the rehearsals in Elstree Studios, this snippet has four of the seven-piece Crimso clearly enjoying themselves. There’s a wealth of back and forth interplay detail between Reiflin and Harrison and of course Levin and Fripp not only grab the lapels but go straight for the jugular. Oh, never mind about the rush to judgement: this is King Crimson and they’re on fiery form!"

Despite the new title, I don't really think this is new music. 'Venturing Unto Joy' may just be the title for their rehearsal clips, as this snippet sounds suspiciously similar to a moment 6:07 into their song Larks Tongues in Aspic, Part 1:

Fripp has already stated that there are no plans for this lineup to enter the studio, and that they will be playing 'reconfigured' versions of old material, so it's most likely not new music. It's not uncommon for them to rework their '70s material into new songs (see Larks III & IV, FraKctured, VROOOM VROOOM, etc.), so it's also possibly that Larks I is getting a similar update and new title. The band hasn't played Larks I since 1973, so it would be exciting to hear it live. Regardless of the true nature of this snippet, I anticipate hearing more!