Present Album Reissues (Former members of Univers Zero)


After two now legendary albums with the seminal Rock in Opposition (RIO) band Univers Zero (Univers Zero and Heresie), guitarist/composer/co-founder Roger Trigaux left to create his own personal musical vision in Present. Present was a more electric and a more compact ensemble with electric grand piano (Alain Rochette), electric guitar and electric piano (Roger Trigaux), electric bass (Christian Genet, also of Univers Zero), and drums (Daniel Denis, also of Univers Zero).


While Univers Zero is fairly well-known in more underground prog circles, Present isn’t a name that strikes a chord with most. Luckily for us, Cuneiform Records just reissued Present’s first two records (Triskaidekaphobie and Le Poison Qui Rend Fou). Both records were newly transferred, remastered and offer a bunch of cool extras.

Check out a track from each album below.