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Darin Tambascio
One of my first records was Chipmunk Punk, it featured high-pitched versions of Blondie, The Cars, The Knack, Queen, and Tom Petty. I listened to it a lot, so it must have had an effect on my five-year-old brain because I've been fairly obsessed with music ever since. About a year later, my older brothers sat me down to listen to some of their records. Blackout by The Scorpions was one of the first records I can remember hearing, but Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, and Rush were also favorites...you know, typical 80s hesher shit. As my brothers began listening to faster and heavier stuff (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, SOD), I went along for the ride. I would always listen to their records and tapes without them knowing. I vividly remember putting on Ride the Lighting and hearing Fight Fire With Fire. It was the heaviest thing I'd ever heard...and I loved it!
Meanwhile, I continued to listen to Pink Floyd, Rush, and The Police. Pink Floyd were especially important for me. I listened to Dark Side of The Moon so many times, that I was burnt out on it before entering high school. The Pink Floyd at Pompeii concert video turned me onto their early material as well as the whole concept of free form noise. So while I was getting into heavier music, I never strayed away from the more progressive bands (that I knew at the time). As the thrash scene became a bit stale (Black Album), I moved towards Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Godflesh, Infectious Grooves, Living Colour, early Tool and other "alternative metal" acts. After a friend introduced me to Mr. Bungle, the weird music flood gates blew open. John Zorn produced Mr. Bungle's first album and so we looked into anything related to Zorn. Painkiller's Executive Ground is still a favorite album of that era.
During college, I watched both Headbanger's Ball and 120 Minutes which turned me onto Bjork, Crowbar, The Future Sounds of London, Radiohead, Sepultura, and more. DC bands (Fugazi, Jawbox, Shutter to Think), NY post-hardcore (Helmet, Quicksand), Midwest heavy indie (Hum, Rodan, Shellac, Slint), and Sonic Youth became hugely influential around that time as well. While working at record store in my early 20s, I expanded my musical tastes to genre classics by a variety of R&B, funk, hip hop, jazz, krautrock, electronic, punk, goth, and prog acts. 
In addition to my almost lifelong obession with listening to music, I've also been playing instruments for more half of my life. Currently, I'm one of half of a bi-coastal prog rock/avant metal two piece called National Sunday Law and I compose ambient/electronic/cinematic music under the XOM moniker. Here are bandcamp links to my current and previous projects: