Jesse Krakow

PLAYS WITH: Dot Wiggin Band (w/ Dot Wiggin of The Shaggs), Doctor Nerve, Habliche Luftmasken, Fast 'N Bulbous: The Captain Beefheart Project, Da Groove Commanders, MANDONNA, The Tall Pines, JP & The Spokespersons  

HAS PLAYED WITH: Time of Orchids, Shudder To Think, PAK, Julee Cruise, Gary Lucas, Dynamite Club, Giggle The Ozone, Kate Pierson, Snuggle/Stencil, "Stella" - David Wain/Michael Showalter/Michael Ian Black, Sam Mickens' Ecstatic Showband & Revue, The Loser's Lounge, Nona Hendryx, and many more...

HAS RECORDS OUT ON: Tzadik, Alternative Tentacles, Sony, Cuneiform, Team Love, Crucial Blast, J-Dub, Public Eyesore, Eh?, Epicene Sound Systems, Magna Carta

LOVES: Beefheart, The Shaggs, Motown, Shudder To Think, The Beatles, Half Japanese, Peter Gabriel, Cheer-Accident, Albert Ayler, Kate Bush, The B-52's, Brian Eno, The Minutemen, The Muppets, the word "clown", pico de gallo, Advil, Spalding Gray, not shaving, the entire "Real Housewives Of..." universe, teaching kids how to play polyrhythms, all my friends' bands, and cats

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