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Inshi - Greatest Juicebags

The definitive statement from these Chicago noiseprog nutjobs. Remastered for maximum killpower!
Includes the original 3 song demo, 2 tracks from the "phase II" version of the group and 1 brand new never-before-heard gem!

We Be The Echo - Masks

New full-length release from San Francisco shred-brutal-prog outfit We be the Echo. "You might get hurt trying to keep up with these guys" - Grand Street News, NYC

Endofreason - Whiteout EP

NO LIMIT NOISE! Absolutely insane digital prog by one man and his laptop. homeless transient turned middle-class citizen, gain of stolen laptop and friends Reason 3.0 program. upgrade to better stolen laptop and high-speed internet. dont be afraid to make it through a whole song. jesus will like you more. LISTEN AT MAXIMUM VOLUME!

A Fashionable Disease - Pigs On Acid

Out of print full-length album. Total madness!

A Fashionable Disease - A Fashionable Disease

Their first EP of jazz/noise terror.

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