BASILICA is a virtuoso chamber music group that was founded in 2005 by composer Ben S. Jacob in order to create uniquely powerful and intimate musical experiences.

The current instrumentation of amplified string instruments and percussion is the latest step in the evolution of a music that seeks to combine bold rhythms, incisive harmonies, broad yet angular melodies, and towering sonorities into an experience of relentless intensity, a raging discourse on the fundamental emotionality that is at the core of human existence. The team of classically trained musicians that has been assembled for this project is dedicated to the perfection of sound and spirit that yields performances and recordings of uncommon precision, power, and beauty.

In 2006, BASILICA began expansion into the realm of multi-media performance with the incorporation of interactive video projection during live performances. In addition to this new element, BASILICA continues its work in growth and refinement of its sonic enhancement techniques, expansion of the depth and duration of its live performances, international collaboration with composers and other artists, and production of high-quality, high-impact audio and video recordings and other media. Future endeavors include performances throughout North America, including appearances at experimental music festivals and other performance art events.

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