Uncompromised instrumental music. Dave and Peijman started playing together in 2003. They enjoyed the flexibility and spontaneity of being a duo and, being completely unaware of any trend towards such small musical troupes, decided to begin writing material and performing. They released a record recently called “Living in Truth” that one can hear or purchase online and performed often around Seattle. These early performances sometimes featured Justin on vocals and varied from straight renditions of the “songs” to purely improvisational sets.

Around the beginning of 2005, by the time the aforementioned recording was released, the duo had become much more ambitious with their writing and live performances. They took a bunch of new material down and back up the west coast. Upon return, they decided that their new direction required a third dimension to be fully realized. Andrew joined a short time later and they began a complete re-working of one ridiculous composition that the duo had been playing previously. With Andrew on keys, BRAD on vocals and Randall Dunn at the board, the 16 minute epic was completed in early 2006.

In April 2006 the boys have switched gears and have begun writing and performing with Mark and Blaine, formally of the Swarming Hordes, creating a triple guitar slayfest! Expect a recording and a tour late summer and plenty of Seattle and Portland shows in the meantime.

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