Existing somewhere on the overlapping flanges of extreme metal, avant-garde jazz, and progressive rock, the Washington, D.C.-based duo Orthrelm specializes in intricately composed guitar-drum instrumentals of vast, almost alien complexity.

The band formed in mid-2000 when guitarist Mick Barr (formerly one half of Crom-Tech) sent drummer Josh Blair, then based in New York, a tape of songs he had been working on over the last several years and wanted to put to rest. Blair then came up with drum parts to go along with what Barr had sent him and the results were eventually recorded and released on the Virginia-based Tolotta label as the Iorxhscimtor EP in 2001.

Blair, who despite the heavily composed nature of Orthrelm's music has spent most of his musical career doing improvisation, soon moved to the D.C. area. The two were allowed to work more closely on songwriting, which they became prolific at, with several more releases coming out over the next couple of years.

Official Homepage: http://www.millionraces.com/orthrelm.htm

MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/orthrelm

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