Sometimes, less IS more. Sean's singular grind rock stands tall on the strength of only two pillars: keyboardist Luke Laplante and drummer Mike Peterson. Named via a phonetic play on their former incarnation as "Tion" (inspired by the prevalence of said suffix among death metal bands, SuffocaTION, IncantaTION etc.), Sean has followed up their well-received first release with another contentiously titled EP: "Bike Messengers Aren't As Cool As They Think They Are". Both clock in at under 20 minutres, but still fully satisfy, like short but onslaught-packed boxing matches.

And like a pair of crafty prize fighters, Sean throw down with memorable style: Mike Peterson's many jazz-master inspiration ride shotgun with an 80's trash-metal overdrive - and Luke Laplante's homeage to Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Jan Hammer (Mahavishnu Orchestra) and Wayne Horvitz (Naked City) tweaks out to classic grindcore and powerviolence.

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