We Be The Echo

We Be The Echo

".... from this very tombstone came the voices.... orders instructing the formation of WE BE THE ECHO....an aural assault of math-metal-improv-dub....

....the human vessels to be utilized for this calling are to be found in San Francisco, met when they all played in Bm Relocation Program, and were weaned in other Bay Area & U.K. bands including Voorhees, Break It Up, The John Francis, Lifefire in Peopledom, Drama Mean for the Gift Id Child and others....can be summoned individually using the titles Myke, Ilk & Graeme....but collectively are far superior in their greater calling....

Mission: to aurally abuse and sonically disembowel....success rate so far: objective being fulfilled....."Cubist Music" EP sold out....countless souls destroyed in close sonic combat.... first full-length weaponry "Stanislaw Stories" unleashed Jan 2006....brand new album out now to further the sonic battle...

Official Homepage: http://webetheecho.com/

MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/webetheecho

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