1. What is a digital music download?
Music downloading is the transmission of a digital file, (more commonly known as an mp3 file), from a website to a personal computer or portable digital music player.

2. How do I purchase the music?
Once you find and album or song you want to purchase, click on the "Buy This Song" or "Buy This Album" link next to the song or album. Continue for as long as you keep finding music you want to buy. Once you're done and want to check out, just click on the "Show Basket" icon on the left side of the page, and complete your transaction using Paypal. Then, you will receive an email with links to save the purchased files to your computer.
3. What file formats does BrutalProg.com use?
Currently, all of the music we sell on our site is in MP3 file format.

4. At what bitrate are the files on BrutalProg.com encoded?
Our mp3 content is encoded at a high quality bitrate of 320kbps.

5. How do I actually access my downloads after I've purchased them?
Once your transaction is complete, you will be sent an email with links to all of the purchases from your shopping to retrieve your files. When you select a track to download, you will be prompted to save the file onto your computer. We recommend that you save these music files somewhere memorable, such as the 'My Music' folder, located on the C: Drive.

6. Is this legal?
Yes. All tracks offered through BrutalProg.com are legal and have been cleared by the legal rights holders.
7. What desktop Media Players can I use to play my mp3 files?
Mp3 files can be played back on most audio players on the market including Winamp, Music Match Jukebox, Real One player, and Windows Media Player for PC, or iTunes.
As for playback on portable devices, currently all portable devices (including the iPod) support MP3 playback.

8. What are the limitations on the music files I download?
By purchasing, you are authorized to use your files as you would buying a CD. Similarly, you are not authorized to duplicate and distribute the files to others.

9. How does BrutalProg.com bill users?
We charge each transaction through PayPal when you are ready to check out and buy your downloads you have placed in your shopping cart. If you do not have a PayPal account, go to PayPal.com to sign up.

10. Is my credit card information secure and safe?
All transactions on BrutalProg.com are encrypted and secure to ensure that your confidential information is private and protected.

11. Do I have to install software on my computer?
Though we do not require special software to use the downloads on our site, you will need to have one of a number of players that are available for most PC and MAC users. For PC, common players are Winamp, Music Match Jukebox, Real One player, and Windows Media Player. For Mac, iTunes is the most common player (though it is also now available for PC). For whichever player you wish to use, the MP3 format will be compatible.
12. What if my download is broken or my modem disconnected?
You are authorized to download your media up to three times. However, if you are disconnected during downloading, you have up to 2 weeks to complete any downloads that have been paid for that you have not yet successfully completed downloading.

13. How do I sell my music on BrutalProg.com?
Contact us at info@brutalprog.com for inquries on selling your music through our site.
14. What if I can't find the answer(s) to your question(s)?
Email us at: info@BrutalProg.com

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